Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My name is Jing Yu .I am study Engineering in Ohio State University. My poem speaks about a tree in elementary school when I was a kid. This is the first poem I have written since I moved here, and I think it is not so hard to write a poem if you try.


Tree tree green and tall
the leaf and the twig
the rain and sun
expanding it branch
as time past
the leaf fall
but is tall
the tall tree will never fall

tree tree green and tall
like a shelter
the shadow we like
wind whistle
and the sun
we sit beneath

tree tree green and tall
like a old man
struggle against the nature
in a rainstorm
the tree fall
but the soul
the adamancy and indomitable
will never fall

The poem is about my birth country (Somalia) where a bloody civil war plunged the nation into chaos, and forced large numbers of people to flee into neighboring countries.
The poem consists of different scenes where I describe the effects of draught, the careless politicians, the warring factions, and the blood thirsty thugs who roamed the streets preying on innocent people in search of their next victim(s).


I lived where
Rain was rare and life unfair
I lived where
The politicians showed little care
I lived where
All was wrong and unfair
I lived where
People died in crossfire
Between factions
Who refused to cease fire

I lived where
I was chased by my own
For reasons unknown
I lived where
I was all alone
I lived where
The streets were flooded
With cold blooded reptiles
Hungry for blood
Like killer crocodiles

The day

My name is Kara. I study Business Administration in Ohio States University. The subject that I used for this poem was the day I came to United States and it was also the inspired in this poem because that day was a special day for me. I do not think this poem was difficult to write because I just wrote about my feeling of that day. I wrote this poem because I want to sure my feeling of that day.

The day

The day I came to United States,
And I like a little child.
I came to a new place,
And have a new life.

The day I came,
And the day I leave.
I started my new life,
And I hoped that was good.

The day I came,
I miss the members of my memory.
I miss the place that I live,
And the people that I like.

The day I came,
My life like a new book I start to write.
I started to learn a new culture,
Everything was new for me.

The day I came,
The day I start to write the book.
And who knows
The length of my book.
How exciting the book will be.

Six Feet Under....

My name is Hassan Aden and am leaning towards PreMed or Physician assistant. I chose a specific moment, Because this person touched my life when she passed away in 07. The person that inspired my poem was my aunt Fosiya. I love reading poems but this is my first time am writing one. It was kind of difficult. Because i had to think about what my next line was going to be. Overall, it took me about 5hrs to write it!!

I was walking along a quiet place
Lots of weeds and graves I face
Flowers grow peacefully with grace
Six feet under, they await their case
Each grave there, has a story to tell
Of the time they're alive and well
Of the living earth, they did dwell
Of the time they rose or fell
They saw the sun set at the shore
Birds fly high, they heard and saw
Their families, they all cared for
Like us, they're once alive before
Love and loved, they once felt the glow
life. They're there, not too long ago
But now they're dead and buried below
Graves tell their stories, row by row
Depends on their faith, low or high
The dead may smile or painfully cry
Now six feet under, alone they lie
It's the beginning for those who die

Perfect Angel

My name is Courtney and I am studying athletic training at Ohio State. I chose a specific moment in my life, I chose it because this person touched my life when she left the world. The person that inspired my poem was my friend Brandi Griffin. I have very little experience with poetry. This poem was not hard to write because this girl was amazing and everything comes to mind when I think of her. Poetry is a way of expressing feelings for something.

Perfect Angel
There you are flying high in the sky
You send down rays of sunshine
Doves fly whenever you’re around
As time goes by
Everyone remembers how you graced us:
Your smile, your beauty and your personality
Touched each one of us.

You’re in a better place now
You have everything you could ever want.
The doves fly every month on the 20th
Most people wear purple in your remembrance,
You are the most loving angel anyone could have.

Brandi you will never be forgotten.
Keep shining down on us.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My name is shire Farah. I am studying health science at the Ohio State University. The subject I used for this poem was about life. How two different types of people can have two different ways of living and how one does not have to earn his way to success while the other does. I like writing poems. I use to write peoms as a young child and I like to do this because it helps you just write about anything that has a meaning.
Both Sides of the Circle of Life
You Strive for life only one time
Either you are born at the top
And live the easy life blind
Or you start at the bottom
And wait for your turn in this long line
When you are at the top
You live as if you were a king
You just don't know how to make a living off of tying knots
But when the bee stings, you mind will cling and then you will start to think
When you start at the bottom You work so hard to reach somewhere
You only have one goal but you do not know when it will come
Instead, you sweat without credit while you always dream and stare
One having to work hard
Is different from
One being four or five cars
Life has two sides
You Either strive and cry
Like a bird that can not fly
You sleep while the money piles up to the sky

My name is Olivia Golden. I wrote this poem to inform you, my fellow classmates on the most special moment of my life. This special moment took place at 2:36am, on July 24, 2010. This special moment was the birth of my son. Jaiden is now 7 months old. He is the air I breathe and person I live for. Jaiden is…. my everything.


Friday, the end of the week
For me the end of 37
Anxious and ready
I headed to the hospital all bags in hand
I arrive and check in
To be induced that is
Directed into a room
Where I would now be
Until 24 minutes until three
Process was somewhat long
Couldn’t wait for the end
Shortly after the process began

The doc said push
I did just that
But not until they gave me an epidural in my back
Everything went so fast
As fast as a race
Where Jesse Owens won first place
It was all over
He was as cute as a baby chickadee
Many said he looked just like me
My baby