Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The day

My name is Kara. I study Business Administration in Ohio States University. The subject that I used for this poem was the day I came to United States and it was also the inspired in this poem because that day was a special day for me. I do not think this poem was difficult to write because I just wrote about my feeling of that day. I wrote this poem because I want to sure my feeling of that day.

The day

The day I came to United States,
And I like a little child.
I came to a new place,
And have a new life.

The day I came,
And the day I leave.
I started my new life,
And I hoped that was good.

The day I came,
I miss the members of my memory.
I miss the place that I live,
And the people that I like.

The day I came,
My life like a new book I start to write.
I started to learn a new culture,
Everything was new for me.

The day I came,
The day I start to write the book.
And who knows
The length of my book.
How exciting the book will be.

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