Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring should have being the beginning of the our calendar

Hi my name is ikran and I am here today to discuss about the beautiful weather that beginning this month. It is my favorite weather and everything will change a beautiful it’s is good weather to show up and dress up and it’s much fun.
Spring is the season where live sprung from the ground
People will shed off the burden of heavy dressing, and
Will grow the courage to go out again lightly dressed
And the trees will grew colorful buds that will become leaves

The smell, the color and the sight of spring are feast to the eyes,
The season melts the snow; rains make the grass re-grow,
And the weather gives colorful sight to those padding plants,
Fresh and beautiful everything will look; even blind will cry for sight,
And long to see the sight of the spring.

How much it will change if it were the beginning of the calendar,
Beginning of everything and past pain will be thawed by the new beginning,
Pain will go with the melting snow, padding flower will means new life await
To be gained, why should the year beginning at the January which is in the middle
Of the snow, and no one celebrate the beginning of the spring which is the time,
Everything regain new strength and worthy of celebration,
How much of an effort will it take changing New Year date from January to match?
How much it will change us all if this becomes true? Spring the beginning of new life
and new year-feast to the eyes and worthy of feast to mark the day

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