Monday, March 7, 2011

cheerleading poem

I'm Maria Fabbro and I'm undecided on my major. The subject I chose to write my poem on is cheerleading because option two was pick a specific moment in your life that stands out to you and when my team won our bid to worlds was one of the most important things that has happened to me. The momment when we won our bid was one of the proudest momments in my life, that is what inspired this poem. I dont have any experience with poetry, this is my first time writing a poem but I do enjoy reading poetry. This poem was a little diffacult because I like poetry that rymes so it took me a little while trying to make sure it rymed.
Cheer practice is where we come together as a team
we work hard so when its time for worlds we will do perfect and live our dream
we spend all year trying to improve our skills
we dedicate all of free time at the gym and eat healthy to stay slim
As a squad we shout, sing, spirit and strive
As soon as we get off the mat we give high fives

winning our bid to worlds was worth every practice that felt liek years
when they anounced we won our bid we all started to shed many tears
we jumped with joy, screamed and cheered
our parents joined and other teams thought it was weird

we didnt place when we competed at worlds but i learned that
you dont grow by how much you win
you grow by how much you put in
so any challenge youve just begun
put your best effort and you've already won

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