Sunday, March 6, 2011

What you think

I made this poem to make sure that every one understands me as who I am even if they don’t get to talk to me but I decide to introduce my self and my attitude and the ways I like to treat with others. I like to live truth and be honest to every one as I like to be treated. For that every one gets respect, it will end any unwanted behavior. I am from a country called the poet land: Somalia, where people use poetry to send messages to each other and almost in every family there is one poet. English is not my first language nor I speak good English but I will try my best to deliver my message to you by this poem, as my elders did, and I hope every one will understand.

What You Think

Oh you who want to really know me
Search me not by nig names of me
For that could give you bad image of me
Not by my race, because all are same to me
I am Abdullahi and truth is a sign to find me

For I hope to know my self as not them,
But for me and the only difference is that is the truth.
Judge me not by my dreams, but my actions
Love me for my qualities and not by false

Image portrait by jealous enemies
Measure me by what I’m truly worth
For that alone shall build a better bridge of true friendship
Between us, and we shall stand tall side by side.

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