Monday, March 7, 2011

Top Thrill Dragster

I was inspired to do this poem because it was my first time on a roller coaster and decided to tackle for the most one the biggest and most intense one in the US, if not the world. It was a completely different feeling that I have never felt before and I loved it. It was so different and exhilarating that I could not believe. I definitely want to do it again and relieve it all.

Top Thrill Dragster

The eerie ecstatic sounds that travel through your ears
The feelings you get in your gut
Your trying not to burst into tears
And trying to not look like a nut

The Top Thrill Dragster is the best
Nothing in the world compares
Riding it is a massive feelings test
You feel the tingling in all your hairs

The coaster was a giant
It slowly seemed like a skyscraper piercing the sky
In the rollercoaster world it is defiant
The coaster is a rocket, you fly

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