Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perfect Angel

My name is Courtney and I am studying athletic training at Ohio State. I chose a specific moment in my life, I chose it because this person touched my life when she left the world. The person that inspired my poem was my friend Brandi Griffin. I have very little experience with poetry. This poem was not hard to write because this girl was amazing and everything comes to mind when I think of her. Poetry is a way of expressing feelings for something.

Perfect Angel
There you are flying high in the sky
You send down rays of sunshine
Doves fly whenever you’re around
As time goes by
Everyone remembers how you graced us:
Your smile, your beauty and your personality
Touched each one of us.

You’re in a better place now
You have everything you could ever want.
The doves fly every month on the 20th
Most people wear purple in your remembrance,
You are the most loving angel anyone could have.

Brandi you will never be forgotten.
Keep shining down on us.

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