Monday, March 7, 2011

The land of freedom

Hello everyone my name is Lul Aden, i would like to share the wonderful experience i am having so far at the OSU university i am really learning a lot and getting used to the diversity of all the different cultures here. this poem that i recently wrote was my first poem to ever write and it was a bit had i will admit but once i just sat back and listen to my heart i decided to write about what i experienced back in my homeland.Of course this wasn't easy to write but with the help of my flash backs i did it. i really enjoyed writing my poem i wanted to keep writing for ever. Mr.Mike lore thank you for this wonderful opportunity it really helped me reconnect with my inside and be thankful of where i am and where I'm from. well that is it about me hope you guys enjoy this beautiful weather its already early spring have a good one everyone.

The land of freedom

The Land of Freedom

Green long wet grass on my feet

Getting anxious and excited by every step I take

Gaining flashbacks to all the unwanted memories

Growing closer to my dreamland in Africa

The land of freedom:

Getting the feeling of peace as I step on to a cold rock

Standing up straight and strong as a big beautiful green tree.

Getting ready for a new life as I spread my arms and spin around

Getting closer to my dreamland, Mogadishu

I close my eyes laying on the long wet grass

I close my eyes and see my future

Getting closer to my dreamland

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