Monday, March 7, 2011

The Sun Set

Hello my name is Will James and I’m studying computer science and engineering at The Ohio State University. I chose to write about a sunset because I love nature and being outdoors. What really inspired me to write this poem was the love I have for experiencing some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful scenic views. I don’t have a lot of experience because this is the first poem I have ever written. So for that reason this poem is very difficult to write because it’s hard to express your ideas in a creative way for me. I think poetry is the most unique and creative way for expressing ones ideas.

The Sun Set

The sun has set at home.
The children playing mischievously,
Disperse just when the sun does.
While the hard working man,
Returns home just in time for supper.

The beautiful birds blabbering all night,
Remind me it time for bed.
The crazy crickets chippering all night,
Remind me it’s time for bed.

But I can’t let this moment pass.
So peaceful and bliss of a night,
Watching the sun disperse behind the trees,
The sun has set at home.

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