Monday, March 7, 2011

My name is shire Farah. I am studying health science at the Ohio State University. The subject I used for this poem was about life. How two different types of people can have two different ways of living and how one does not have to earn his way to success while the other does. I like writing poems. I use to write peoms as a young child and I like to do this because it helps you just write about anything that has a meaning.
Both Sides of the Circle of Life
You Strive for life only one time
Either you are born at the top
And live the easy life blind
Or you start at the bottom
And wait for your turn in this long line
When you are at the top
You live as if you were a king
You just don't know how to make a living off of tying knots
But when the bee stings, you mind will cling and then you will start to think
When you start at the bottom You work so hard to reach somewhere
You only have one goal but you do not know when it will come
Instead, you sweat without credit while you always dream and stare
One having to work hard
Is different from
One being four or five cars
Life has two sides
You Either strive and cry
Like a bird that can not fly
You sleep while the money piles up to the sky

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