Monday, March 7, 2011


My names Farah Dahir. And I am studying radiology at Ohio State University. I like reading poems, but I never write it before. This is an interesting experience for me to write poem. The subject I used for this poem was about trees. Trees are important in our lives because they give us food and oxygen. Here is my poem for trees.

Trees, our trees
Oh people, save our trees
Trees are beautiful as peacocks
I looked around and I looked around,
All I see is you being destroyed,
Trees are cut down
And burn by people
But only God can make trees

The leaves on the trees has tears that bleeds
You shelter me, you feed me
I thank you for that
Trees are important, as our lives
I cannot imagine, life without trees
Let our trees grow and be free
So that we can live a secure life
Trees, our trees
Oh people, save our trees

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