Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The poem is about my birth country (Somalia) where a bloody civil war plunged the nation into chaos, and forced large numbers of people to flee into neighboring countries.
The poem consists of different scenes where I describe the effects of draught, the careless politicians, the warring factions, and the blood thirsty thugs who roamed the streets preying on innocent people in search of their next victim(s).


I lived where
Rain was rare and life unfair
I lived where
The politicians showed little care
I lived where
All was wrong and unfair
I lived where
People died in crossfire
Between factions
Who refused to cease fire

I lived where
I was chased by my own
For reasons unknown
I lived where
I was all alone
I lived where
The streets were flooded
With cold blooded reptiles
Hungry for blood
Like killer crocodiles

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