Monday, March 7, 2011

Somalia, where I was born, once beautiful Country.

hello my name is muhubo suleiman iam studding nurs here at ohio state and i dedicated this poem to my lovely and once beautifully country.though i dont remembet match i still do remember peace and riches of my country.

I was born in once beautiful country,
Place where one can sniff the air through the aura of smell it carries
Place one can hear the wind whisper through the trees
Two rivers run through just like vein and artery in the body,
Infusing live along the edge of the country entire country

Small remote village, furthest end of the small valley
That divides the village into South and North,
The very edge where valley become forked,
On the right side of the first finger of those fork,
The high bank of that fork, I entered the world from there.

My mother never missed an opportunity to talk to me about that place,
The beauty of rising sun, arrow, red rays of falling one,
And sparkles of stars at moony night, beauty those memory evokes
Has no match to my mothers and they do make meaning for me too
Somalia, Somalia, Somalia is place I was born. Beautiful it has being,
But no so it is today and tomorrow, no one can say what it becomes for certain.

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