Monday, February 14, 2011

Boy Scouts of America

This is the Boy Scout Camp, called Friedlander in Loveland, Ohio

Boy Scouts of America is the one thing that I can remember from my childhood where my dad was always there for me. I love the outdoors and camping. The best camping trip I have ever gone on was the last summer camp I ever went on in the summer of 2007. The one person who has inspired me the most throughout my whole years of Boy Scouts is my dad. He pushed me through the whole way and wouldn’t let me give up until I got my eagle scout. I couldn’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me and what the Boy scouts of America has done for me. The reason why is because it did not only change me for a boy to a young man but it helped me in several aspects of my life along the way.
You build so many friendships with your other kids in your troops. It really did help me come out of the awkward shell you develop when you’re in middle school. There are so many kids around you with similar interest as you as well. Hiking and swimming is just the beginning to an awesome and exciting week of summer camp that will always end in a camp fire. The camp fire is the perfect way to end a night. Once the sun goes down the warmth of a fire will keep you from shivering. I can still remember all the cold nights sitting around the hot crackling fire with not a care in the world. The smell of smoke will never leave me because after a night around a camp fire, that’s all you will smell like. Sitting around with your friends and just messing around with jokes and what not is the memories that will never leave me.


Courtney Endres said...

I would have never guessed that you were a boy scout

Oleg said...

Will, this is a surprising side that I have not seen. You should make us a fire from nothing but a stick.