Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muhubo Suleiman
Mike lohre
English 109.02

My hobby is to cock spaghetti and when I’m doing I felt like enjoying and happy. The people that teach me were my mother who knew so many ways in spaghetti. When I was learning I was thirteen and it was so head to me. But in my culture when a girl reaches thirteen she has to know how to cock and do everything about the house. The being learning it was so head to me I felt like I was in heavy, but later on I love it and enjoying. When I’m cocking even when my mother asks me cock a food I will cock the spaghetti time I cock it was spaghetti.
In these day I love to cock spaghetti and every time I cocking it remind me my mother who teach this spaghetti and it come remind of my mother who is not here and its something I will not forget about it. In the early young age I use love is in a chef so that it will be easy for me to cock. And bee a good cocker. But that time wasn’t able to learn because I did not have a school and it was difficult to not having school and what you went. In that place you don’t have a chooses.
When I come to America my dream was to go school and learn more things about the food and become a chef when high school, which helps me with a lot and my major, was being a chef.


Lul said...

nice hope

Kara said...

i like to eat spaghetti.
can you teach me how to cook it?

Mohamud Abdulle said...

Am not big fan of cooking which i think is a (guy thing) but i do enjoy eating PASTA above other foods.

maria fabbro said...

thats cool i wish i could cook. ive been thinking about taking a cooking class this summer!

Olivia Golden said...

spaghetti is one of my all time favorites. I love to make spaghetti with a little bit of italian sausage in it. You should give it a try. You wont be dissapointed.

Shire Farah said...

I cooked pasta with prego souce yesterday my first time ever.