Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fairness of NPR

Fair & Partial Media Program

As a hobby I like to listen to NPR News on the radio as they air programs that I really enjoy. On any given day and time that I happen to be in my car I tune to none other than NPR radio station. By doing so, I get the benefit of knowing the domestic issues that we face and as well as current world issues.
I get my inspiration and admiration for NPR from my uncle who used to pick me up from school. It was a great conversation starter and, gave us something to talk about on the way back home. I did not have any relationship with my uncle prier to meeting him in 2005 and, NPR radio station was the ice breaker that helped us get through the awkward silence that brought tension in to the atmosphere.
Compared to other news organizations that report on current issues around the world NPR is by far more accurate and partial. They are the George Washington of the media who coined the phrase “I cannot tell a lie” as a young boy. They are not biased like their counterparts who have hidden agendas and are politically driven. Case in point CNBC and FOX NEWS are great examples of politically motivated organizations that tend to lean favorably on one party over others.


Farah Dahir said...

This is interesting hobby. I can not see my self listening news radios. Good luck with that my friend

Mohamud Abdulle said...

Believe it or not but its food for the brain.

maria fabbro said...

This is a cool hobby i've never heard of someone loving this hobby its very unique! Hope everything goes well!

Oleg said...

Although I am not an avid listener of NPR I have listened to it before. It is some of the best radio that I have listened to. It is so informative and a really good place to get your news and other information.