Saturday, February 12, 2011

My hobby

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I was playing soccer since I was 6 years old. I always try to play soccer whenever I get time. Soccer is like my best friend. I enjoy every minute of it. My father inspired me playing soccer. He was a soccer player when he was young. I remember when he used to take me his games when I was little boy. He always told me that soccer is a healthy and fun sport. My dad says “Soccer will never walk you alone”.

When I am playing soccer I feel happy and unstoppable. I can run like a horse and mingle with the stars. That is the reason that make me easy to play better and faster. I play with team Elman. Sometimes we go out of states to challenge with other teams. I like to win every game, even if it is friendly games. I take it serious. This hobby means everything to me. I have been playing all my life. Soccer is something that I want pass through my kids.


Hassan aden said...

My favorite team is Man U even though i don't play soccer..

deka said...

i never play soccer but it really sound fun sport.