Monday, February 28, 2011

Frances Ellen Watkins

Frances Ellen Watkins
Frances Ellen Watkins was born to free parents in Baltimore, Maryland. After her mother died when she was three years old in 1828, Watkins was orphaned. She was raised by her aunt and uncle. She was educated at the Academy for Negro Youth, a school run by her uncle Rev. William Watkins, who was a civil rights activist. He was a major influence on her life and work. At fourteen, she found work as a seamstress.
Blessed Hope

Oh! crush it not, that hope so blest,
Which cheers the fainting heart,
And points it to the coming rest,
Where sorrow has no part.

Tear from my heart each worldly prop,
Unbind each earthly string,
But to this blest and glorious hope,
Oh! let my spirit cling.

It cheer'd amid the days of old,
Each holy patriarch's breast;
It was an anchor to their souls,
Upon it let me rest.

When wandering in dens and caves,
In sheep and goat skins dress'd,
A peel'd and scatter'd people learned
To know this hope was blest.

Help me, amid this world of strife,
To long for Christ to reign,
That when He brings the crown of life,
I may that crown obtain.
Written by Frances E.W. Harper

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