Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Snapshot three: soccer

My hobby is soccer. I love soccer as monkey loves bananas. soccer is the world number one sport and it can be played any where even the young Somali boy with his camel can play it without needing a lot of skills and rules to play. Its easy to learn how to play soccer. All you need is just a soccer ball or made one by yourself and play it with a partner or with a team.
Soccer is also a very important athletic for individuals who are trying to be fit. It requires speed, quickness running and it’s a great exercise. It can help to lose wait. It’s the game of hungry taggers. When I am playing this sport I fell like I am getting a kiss from my girl friend someone who is elected to be a leader, that is how excited I am.
My friends inspired me to start this hobby because they wanted me to share the great enjoyments they had when the play this sport. At that time I was a mama boy and all I new was to eat sleep and listen to a stories that my mom use to share with me. I didn’t new what was it like to be a athletic or a soccer player. It took me a time to adopt with ti but later on I became one of the best players in my team. I got a lot of advantages of this sport. It builds my body and grows muscles. Above all, this sport keeps me away from getting boring and depressed. I just enjoy when I am playing this sport its feelings and its hard to describe it in words but the end of the story is that soccer is the best sport I’ve ever played and there is not any other sport that can be compare with soccer. Is a game of dignity and joyful as well.


maria fabbro said...

Thats really cool that your friend inspired you to play soccer! I didnt want to cheer when my friend tried to get me to start but I gave it a chance and then i ended up falling in love with the sport so were kinda in the same boat! haha!

Farah Dahir said...

I love soccer too. Good hobby

Lul said...

i like to watch a soccer that's my favor

Will said...

thats awesome that you love soccor! i sue to play all the time as a kid, its a very addicting sport.