Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snapshot three

this is the kind of cookies i backed.

My favorite hobby has always been baking. I come from a generation of where all the women were and are great cooks/bakers. I started developing my love for baking when I was 12years old. I always liked making things my way I wanted to make every food the way it was pictured in my head, and I technically couldn’t do that with cooking because no matter how different someone cooks only the taste will be different but not the image. After finding out this I decided to try baking and that when I fell in love with it, the first thing I ever backed was cookies and they were in the shape of soccer balls because that was my favorite sport back then.

I remember that day like it was yesterday: my mother wasn’t home and I was bored so I went to the kitchen and started looking for ingredients for my invention, at the time I didn’t know what I wanted to bake but I knew I wanted to make something that would impress my parents . So I started going through my mom’s baking book and I didn’t find anything interesting so I decided to go on and make some cookies.

I got a bowl putted some flour in there and after that I added whatever that caught my eye that I thought smelled good or tasted sweet and before I knew it I had a bowl full of mixture that almost turned the flour color to purple. I grabbed a pan and cut the flour in to circle shapes and drew little lines through them to make them look like a soccer ball. Once they got out of the oven they were hard and very sweet and rough. I sat down laughing and I felt proud of what I did, later on that evening when m parents got home I showed them what I made and laughed very loud and my dad told me that those were the best cookies he ever ate. Since that day I’ve been baking, I like baking for many reasons but my biggest two reasons are, one I release my imagination and create whatever I want and the second one being I sell my cookies and cup cakes on summer and a lot of people buy them so that makes me feel good about myself. The time I make my best cookies are when am sad or angry because at that time I bake a lot and it helps me feel better.


deka said...

Hey Ikran! i don't see anything more fun than baking because i personally like baking and cooking, but to be honest with you I'm really a bad cook. sometimes i think cooking is not my thing but the thing is i never gave up trying.

Hassan aden said...

I wish i knew how to make cookies. Because i would be eating them 24/7.

Olivia Golden said...

I love baked good. However i dont have the patience to make them lol. I love how you gave me full information on why you like this hobby.