Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eating... My Hobby

My Favorite Hobby

This is the Rooster Restaurant
logo. This is my all time favorite
restaurant hands down.

When my favorite hobby takes place there are several different settings. Some are quiet with not many people around, like my room, in the car, or alone at the kitchen table. Other locations are loud filled with a lot of people like at Applebee’s, especially when it’s someone’s birthday. Eating in my opinion is the best thing ever.

My hobby was introduced to me at a very young age. I was introduced to table food at around 6 months. Growing up in family who are big eaters, I had no choice. There was always food no matter the day or occasion. As I began to get older I started being exposed to a bugger variety of foods, including restaurant food.

I like to eat all types of things. My favorite would have to be chicken wings. I can eat chicken wings day and night. I like them fried with hot sauce or buffalo styled. I remember one time I had gone to a restaurant called Roosters and tried their hot wings. The first time I had ever tried them my mouth was hot as fire. Now I can take them like a champ. Eating builds relationships because most of the time you eat with someone. That’s always the perfect opportunity to talk with who you are eating with and helps build the relationship you may have with them. Communication is always the key to a strong healthy relationship.

This hobby gives me sense of relief especially when I am hungry. Sometimes I tend to get cranky if I had no eaten all day. It saves others from a world of trouble like a life jacket. Eating means a lot to me because it allows me to get full and regroup. It also allows me to spend time with whoever I am eating with as well as socialize, talk, and laugh.


Lul said...

waw thats great

Kara said...

i like to eat sushi.

Will said...

i love eating too

Oleg said...

Wings are amazing and can pretty much pass as any meal of the day.

jing yu said...

i like eating so much , i like to go to buffet.