Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favorite Hobby

Ijren Robben
Beyern Munich

Soccer is my favorite sport in the world. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. When I was younger, around the age of six, I was the best around my neighborhood. Things went wrong with me and my coach and I did not play soccer until the age of fifteen. From that age until now, all I do is play soccer. Truly it is a sport that not only I love, but my family as well. My father is part of the management side of a nonprofit team. Two of my older syblings play in that team; three of my younger siblings play for the Columbus Crew Juniors. Soccer is the greatest sport I have ever known.

Usually during the summer, I go to a place called Innis School where a lot of Somali's play soccer. I would come around six pm and be one of the few to show up early. As time rolls by, more and more people would show up. At least 100 people would show up; it is as if lions would come to feast of many animals. The field would be broken up into three sections. Everybody would play their hearts out for at least four hours.

Soccer is all around sport for everyone. It impacts everybody in the Somali Community. Old men and women and children, who can not play with these young men, would come and watch this gathering of great players put on a show for people. soccer is my favorite hobby and it can unite people.


Courtney Endres said...

Thats cool that you just play pick up games. Have you thought about trying out for the Ohio State team?

maria fabbro said...

I really enjoy watching soccer, I love the fast pase. I agree soccer is a sport that you can play anywhere in the world!

Oleg said...

I am from Europe and I know what you mean about soccer. It is a great sport that you could never get tired of.

Mohamud Abdulle said...

LoL "i like it like a fat kid loves care"

Shire Farah said...

yeah Courtney no, trying out for the osu team would take to much of my time. Maria, let me guess you were rutting for Argentina in the world cup and messi is you favorite player. Oleg, soccer is the best sport in the world. Mohamed lol, you mean cake