Sunday, February 13, 2011

My hobby

My hobby is read the books and when I get some time I like to read any kind, of books and I like to read about the magazines, too.
Inspired of this is my mother because when I start reading she was the one who help me to read and she teaches me the (ABC) because my mother likes me to be the best and she always read me some books .This hobby builds me because now can read anything that I want and it’s a good relationship with my mother.

I get out this hobby when I go to the library I like to pick up the books and I like to read and that influence my life because now my English is improving and that’s my hobby and I like to read so many books and my mother always told me as long you read you are going to be a good reader.

My favorite book to read is of mice and Men.

My best book that I read was when I was in high school and that book named is Of Mice and men and it talks about the great Depression in 1930s to 19470s and its really nice book and it has a lot of stories and I like that book a lot sometimes it makes you to cry and sometimes it makes you to laugh and at that book it talks about how expensive was everything and there’s to men’s who want to own their own farm and that time everyone was farmer.

A wise man once said be the seed of change in this world, and when asked how could someone be the seed of change he said the greatest thing a mankind could do is get knowledge the only way you can get knowledge is by reading. So I believe that am the seed of change and by the day am growing to be a big plant full of knowledge.


Courtney Endres said...

Being from America I think that reading helps everyone improve their english. Did your mother teach you english or did you learn it when you went to high school here? or did you not go to high school here?

Will said...
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Will said...

i read this book in high school. it was a really well written book and a very enjoyable read.