Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snapshot Three

(The Ohio State Bowling team in front of the arch)
Bowling is a sport where you roll a ball down the lane and you aim it for the ten pins. The ball comes in all different weights. I enjoy bowling so much that I started bowling for my high school bowling team then after I graduated I decided to try-out for The Ohio State bowling team.

I really don’t have anyone that inspired me to bowl. I thought that bowling was a fun sport and I thought it would help build my arm up for softball and it sure as heck did. When you bowl you have to have a steady arm and you cannot turn your wrist or the ball will not go the way you want it to. My coach in high school only changed a few things but when I got into college bowling the coach had to re teach me things that my high school coach had never taught me. This builds relationships between the players and the coach and each of the players.

What I get out of this hobby is a stronger friendship with other bowlers and also a place where I can take my anger out in a civil way. Throughout this year I have become closer with my teammates and made many good friends. Some of the people I bowl with I have bowled them when I was in high school.

There is this girl that is on the team that I have become very close with and we usually hang out all the time and talk constantly. When I first met her I thought she was the most annoying most know-it-all person I have ever met before then once the season started and we got to know each other more we became close friends and our families have even become closer friends.


Will said...

i love bowling dude! its such much fun to do, whenever i have spare time i try to bowl.

Lul said...

its really great and i like it too.

deka said...

i never bow for a time but we used to bow in high school for fun and i really liked it. it raally fun sport.