Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arizona Shooting

I learned a couple of new and interesting things...first I learned that Gifford is doing well. She is now able to eat on her own. The bullet had went through her brain but luckly she had excellent sergents who were able to save her. Second I learned that Jared Loughner age 22 had some problems prior to the inccident. He had previously been kicked out of Pima community college for violations ending with campus police enforcement. He lived close to where the inccident had taken place.
From this inccident we can learn the idea of watching your surroundings and also how easy it is to become a target. We need to learn how to come together to try and prevent things lik this from happening again. If we are going to have meetings like that out in public we need to have some sort of security. Voices should be heard but should be safe at the same time. Because of this tragedy we may have more police action come forth to help keep our communities safe.


Hassan aden said...

Hey Olivia, i agree with you. The politicians should have some kind of protection. And the funny thing is that i lived just couple blocks from that community college.

Will said...

i think its amazing how well gifford is doing.