Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Travels to Ukraine

Although I am from Ukraine I still travel back there every year to see my grandparents and the rest of the family. Ukraine overall impacts me in a positive way every time I go. Everything that I have learned from my family is reinstated every time I look around. The way I was taught was the same for everyone for the most part and when I look around I start remembering all of those details. Every time I travel to Ukraine I always end up helping my family. There is always something to be done and always someone that needs to do it.
Since my grandparents are old I end up helping them with a lot of things that are hard for them to do. They need help around their apartment. Other days they need help around their summerhouse and on the garden. On days when I am not helping them I am with my old friends.
I remember all the good times we used to have before I moved. I would always go over to my friends’ house in the morning. We would play video games and spend time on the computer. Later in the day we would all get together in our neighborhood and we would all go out and go to city center. We spent our time just talking in city squares with the hundreds of other people that were there. We would usually come home late but we really enjoy it every time we do that. It’s not everyday that we get to do that now so we are really happy to do that whenever we get the chance. We all try to relive those moments while I am still back there for the month or two. I always end up meeting new friends year after year. My friends introduce me and we end up getting along and now there is another person to hang out with day to day. It smells like nature when my friends and I go out to my summer house. Not the nature that someone can smell here, but the nature that you can smell when forest is all around you and you see nothing but green and the closest city is for kilometers. We all remember our good times very well.
Although I am have lived in Ukraine for 7 years and go back every year, I am still learning the culture and traditions. There I always something new that I learn each time that I am back there that I take back with me and remember for the rest of my life. Every time I thing that going back to Ukraine will be the same, it never is. There is always something new to learn. There is always something that I find interesting and I know that will continue every year I go back.


Mohamud Abdulle said...

Sounds interesting, but i have question for you.

Have you got the chance to meet MARADONA the famous soccer player who is Argentinian?

Shire Farah said...

wow man your like me man. just relaxing and watching the nature

maria fabbro said...

I think the theme is Oleg enjoys going back to Ukraine to spend time with his grandparents and enjoys helping them out.

I think he did a great job at explaining his trip back to Ukraine and had very good details.