Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loughners Story

Loughner has been reported to be mentally ill for years up to the shooting. its been reported that he bought the firearm used in the shootings in novemeber of last year and bought his ammuntion at a walmart after being rejected from one walmart, the second one glady served him. in the year of 2008 Loughner tried enlisting in the army but was later regected. they cant give out the reasons for privacy protection but its been reported from an administration offical that he failed his drug test and due to his irrational behavior. he is convicted of killing 6 people, including a federal judge and wounded 14 others. he is expected to get the death pently but many beileve that he will just spend the rest of his life in jail due to pleading insanity as the reason for his wrong doing. i think there is alot to learn from this story, i think its time for arizona to tsrat enforcing a more strict gun policy laws and when public speakings are being held there should always be some form of protection.

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Hassan aden said...

Hey Will, i agree with you. They should pass some kind of law preventing mentally unstable people from getting guns.