Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First post on this blog

Hello students!  We will use this blog to post our ideas and share research and ideas with each other.  It will also help us get to know each other and share our expereince and insights.

For today, let's learn to post and to comment.

To post, you must be signed in, and you use the New Post feature in the upper right hand corner.

To comment, you read the articles on the blog, and then click the Comments button below the writing.

For today, share some ideas about the violence story in Arizona.  Do some research and try to read something about the current situation.  Then share what you learned on the blog and tell us what you think we can learn from this whole situation.

The main idea is just to share ideas and learn how to use the blog.  Once you have posted your own writing, please write comments to two other writers in the class.