Monday, January 24, 2011

Toronto, Canada

There are so many places that I had been visited but there is one especially place that I liked or I memories always and I dream about it. That place is Toronto Canada and it is a beautiful place and I would like to visit there again if it’s passable. It is wonderfully place and it’s good to visit during the summer.

The special places I get the chance to see were CN tower and Easton mall. There are many other places we had been. However, I really liked those two areas I was pleased to see it was amazing trip and it was a beautifully places and I remember it. I encourage every one who has enough to go vacation to visit Toronto Canada because I get experiences from there especial the Easton mall I saw different cultures in there.

It have beautifully CN tower and it was a very tall building I never seen like such building before. It was beautifully, it is kind like statue of Toronto, and so many people visit there. Too many people from different countries came there and most of those people were from America it is a good creative building it has nice stuffy in there and it is good for the history.

It is beautifully place and we get pictures at there I memories and also I like the Easton mall that mall is a big mall and it have everything in there. It have a food places, a dress places, games and moves and it have every countries cultures showing on their cultures no matter where you from you will see some stuffy from your culture very amazing it was a wonderfully mall that you can see everything. I really liked to go there and visit again those two wonderfully places or other places that I saw. I saw Somalia culture that I never saw it before it is that is the place I had been visited and I liked it my family lives there too in Toronto.

When we went there I learn my family because some of them I never saw them before by time we went there they make us welcome party it was so fun and we learn each other we enjoy together it was such a good time.


Shire Farah said...

wow, what anamzing trip ehh. Ikram, you have to work on the spelling errors.

Batulo said...

hey ikram its really nice snapshot but need more work

Kara said...

the CN tower is very cool. that is a nice place to visit.