Monday, January 24, 2011

Jinja, Uganda

This country is located at East Africa and was colonized by Britain.I have visited the Following main tourist attraction sites. The Mabira forest, which is the largest forest in the country. The Nalubaale Power Station, which provides hydroelectricity to the country, Nalubale Dams. The White niles, which is the longest river in that country or the whole Continent,. And Owens Fall. Rafting the Nile was the coolest experience of my life.

The guides were very professional. My family and i met Jacob, And he was about 25years old. He was a friendly, and a funny dude. Jacob talked us through each rapid before we rafted it and we felt very safe. The equipments we used were excellent and the lunch was delicious. We flipped four times, but it was exciting rather than frightening and the adrenalin rush is quite incredible. The size of the rapids is amazing, and you find the raft dropping over huge waterfalls and getting in large wave trains.

Another thing i learned was that some of Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were scattered into the source of the White Nile. And i also learned that the Nile goes through 3 Countries.


abdullahi said...

wooow what a great trb sxb. lakin marunbaa !!!!

Hassan aden said...

Rofl of course man. I've lived 5yrs in that country.

ikran suleiman said...

so lucky i wash i could see those beautiful place in Uganda!!!!!!!!!!

jing yu said...

sounds pretty good. i wish i can go rafting one day.The essay is very good.i think you can develop the essay better by write more about the feeling for this trip.

Lul said...

sounds intreasting hassan
and i wish i will be there one day