Monday, January 24, 2011

snapshot two

Last summer after I graduated high school, we went to New York to update our passport. This is the first time we go to New York, so we all feel confuse inside this big city; we don’t know where is the consulate, so we decide to get a taxi. New York is a Modern and diversity city, it's alot of people in the street and you can see tall building any where. In New York, we see many people from different country and some people from my country, they speak different language, but many people can speak English.

We went to Manhattan for the next two day. Manhattan is the most densely population area in New York. it's also a major financial ,commerical and cultural center in the world. we went to the Wall Street and the Lower Manhattan. In afternoon, we went to a traditional Chinese restaurant and we ate many food, there are many Chinese Restaurant in Manhattan, the one i went in a Cantonese restaurant, they have many tasty seafood and even some northern food in China. The employee and the customer is all Chinese people, everybody speaking Chinese to each other, this make me feel like i was still in China. Before we go to New York, we rent a room online in New Jersey for two day and it is cheap. We thought New Jersey is very close to New York, so we want to go there by taxi, but no one want to bring us to New Jersey, because many of them never drive to New Jersey before. But finally, we arrive to the hotel; it has one Television, one bathroom and two beds. We left the hotel in the next day, because the area only has a few stores and restaurants. In afternoon, we go to the New York harbor; we saw the Status of Liberty. Many time, I saw the status of liberty in the TV, this is my first time to see that on real. The Status of Liberty represent freedom and justice , the place have been close since 911 event happen. In the coast, we can see the status stand far in front of us, it is sacrosanctity . The torch represent freedom, the law book represent justice. The Status of Liberty is symbol of New York and America. we talking some photo in the coast and then we get the passport. We left New York at night, it very beautiful when you stay in the plane on the top of New York. In this journey, I meet many different people, I also saw many new thing I never seen in Columbus before. New York is a diversity city; people accept each other’s culture and they living together. These elements combined make the New York City become more unique and wealthy.


maria fabbro said...

Jings theme is when she went back to New York to renew her passport and it was her first time in the city and she was a little overwhelemed with all of the people and how busy new york is.

I think she could have described a little more of what they did and if she would want to ever go back.

Shire Farah said...

jing, you know I have never went to nyc.

jing yu said...

Maria,you are right, i should definite write more about that.

Batulo said...

waaw nice place but i never been there but i hope i will visit one day.
good job Jing