Monday, January 24, 2011


My best traveled that I won’t forget was in Kenya. I was leaving Nairobi to kakumo. Open by refugee build the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992 its biggest campus of Kenya. Kakumo had lived many people that come from different place and they had different culture. This compass had so many refugee who left their country because of the war they had in their homes.mosly of people are somlia,sudan, Ethiopia, Burundians, Congolese, Eritreans. The averages of refugee are more than the average of the residents.

In kakuma life is so head and mostly of people hoping that they will take by other country. Such as USA and Europe. Most of the African refugees that come to America are come from the kakuma. What I learn was the living conditions of these refugees are an unhappy or uncomfortable. In order to live compass people has to follow their rules.

Although that I learn so many things in campus but one thing that unique to me was the people can’t live without peace. That is why they left their country. Evan they had bed condition in the campus they wouldn’t live with .kakuma is the best place I won’t ever forget. And I had the amazing memory. Until now I had family member that still live there and I call once a month and I ask them that kakoma are the same. And I learn that people love kakuma even they not have a good condition. part that scared me was I when out with my uncle we was buy some food and I saw that the resident people didn’t wear a cloth because of their culture . I was so shock and never see a person waking in the middle of market and necked at same time. People live their they aren’t bothering because they get use it and don’t see anything wrong with it.

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