Monday, January 24, 2011

San Diego

During my time in San Diego, I went to different places; many people would call this cite seeing. I had a adventurous uncle who was fascinated about the place and also wanted to see every corner in the city. I had no other choice but to follow and do everything he was doing.

From the moment we got off the plane, we started our journey. My brother in law, who was suppose to pick us up from the plane, was running two minutes late so we rode a taxi and headed to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I asked him what the rush was for and he told me, "If you roll with me, you're not going to have any chance to say hi to family members".

Through out my trip in San Diego, we went to Balboa park, Sea World, and many more. But none of these trips was compared to the trip me and my uncle had to the highest point in San Diego.

One morning, around five am, me and my uncle we to see the highest point in San Diego. We borrowed my brother in laws car with out permission. You can see the downtown from miles away. It took us at least twenty minutes going up the hill. There is this little balcony that you can climb. As soon as I climbed this balcony, I felt like I was on top of the world. The air was so amazing and you can hear the birds chirping. The feeling was so great that I was enjoying my self. Truly this was the highlight of my trip to San Diego.


Mohamud Abdulle said...

Dude, it sounds like you had the time of your life.

Like how high was that mountain you were standing?

Courtney Endres said...

The theme in this snapshort is your trip to San Diego. It sounds like you had fun exploring new places.

I think you should go more into detail about some of the parks you went to and what you learned from them.

Shire Farah said...

sure will

Olivia Golden said...

I enjoyed your snapshot and the theme. Try ellaborating more on what you did,saw, touched etc