Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I was 12 years old my family and I went on a cruise in the Caribbean’s and one of the stops was in Jamaica. Jamaica, which is located in the Caribbean, is a very popular tourist destination. I love Mother Nature and just experiencing some of the world most beautiful scenery. The Dunn’s River Falls, is the most popular waterfall attraction in Jamaica. Luckily this waterfall was built with large stairs made of large stone boulders, so many tourist come to travel the 1,000 foot long journey up the waterfall. My family and I went to this waterfall while we were in Jamaica and climbed the routes where tourists were allowed. It was one of the coolest experiences of my entire life and I will never forget it.
There’s one guy I remember on the trip and his name has Rick. He was our tour guide on the trip up the waterfall. He taught us everything about the waterfall and about a lot of exotic plants during the climb. I loved the scenery so much. I can still remember the huge amount of clear blue water pouring constantly down on top of the huge stone boulders used for steps. The surrounding exotic plants and trees with an abundance of bright green colors were home to many native colorful animals and very loud birds. The smell of the crisp clean water and the smell of the great outdoors will never leave me, to this day. Just seeing Mother Nature’s at its best truly did remind me how grateful we should be for the planet we live on. We live in a society today that is slowly killing our planet, whether it’s with trash or slowly cutting down rain forest and killing animals natural habitats. We should start preserving more of our land that we still have because I think Mother Nature has made us some of the greatest wonders of natural scenery and I think it’s a life changing experience. For example, when I went to the waterfall in Jamaica I had a huge eye opener about how much beauty earth has and how excited I ‘am to one day travel and see more of Mother Nature’s natural scenery.


Hassan aden said...

Hey Will, you just need more details abt the country and it's people. The theme in here is abt a trip to Jamaica. Overall you did a great job!!!

deka said...

hey Will it sounds like you had a great time in there. it seems to me their is no error but like Hassen mentioned you only need to give more detail other than that you did great job.

Kara said...

that is a great place. i would like to hear more about Rick.^^