Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obama Makes A Speech For the Arizona Shooting

Obama started writing a speech Monday night as to what he is going to say at the memorial. He has been working with speech writers to help him out. There is no estimated length as to how long his speech will be but a white house official said that he will spend most of his time memorializing the victims. Obama states that as a father he is spending time reaching out to the families and reaching out to them. Obama is considered to be a "mourner-in-chief" along with past presidents they have to make a speech regarding tradiges. Some of the presidents including Ronald Reagan he made a speech after the explosion of the Challenger, Bill Clinton regarding the Oklahoma bombing, George Bush regarding the 9/11 attacks, and President Obama with the Fort Hood attacks and after the West Virgina coal mine tragedy.

What I learned from this is that the president has people help him write his speeches. That the president has to speak if it happened in the United States.
I do not think that any good can come from this tragedy. It may increase security around important figures. I think that its important for Politicians to hear from the people about what they are doing wrong and what the people think need to change.


jing yu said...

yes, we can.

Hassan aden said...

I think the politicians should carry some thing to defend themselves with.

Will said...

i think everyone could listen a little more to each other and do less talking.