Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip to Argentina

I traveled to Argentina this past summer and stayed for over a month. I spent a couple weeks at my dads house in Santa Fe but we also visited the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires and spent a weekend in Punta De leste. It was very cold when I was there in August because its winter there when its summer here. Santa Fe is a lot like a Ohio, a lot of families live there and its a nice place to raise a family. Buenos Aires is just like New York City, they have the best restaurants, the best shopping, and a lot of plays and shows. Its very busy city and nothing/ no one ever stops. Punta De Leste is the hot spot to be during the summertime. My father has an appartment there and usually spends January and Febuary in Punta. It has one of the best beaches in Argentina and the most popular clubs in Argentina.

I spent a lot of time with my father and little sister and grew a lot closer to them. I usually hung out with my girlfriends during the weekends. I lived in Argentina till i was two and I would go back every summer to stay with my dad so I've maintained my friendship with my friends and i'm still very close to them. They took me out to dinner and to parties so I met a lot of new people and its fun doing things in Argentina with a group of friends because its so different than when I go out with my friends here.

I had some issues with my passport so I ended up having to stay a lot longer than I planned and ended up making the best out of my trip. I got a lot closer to my father and went down to Buenos Aires and went to a couple of tango performances and got a lot of shopping done. We made a little trip to Punta and it was fun but it wasn't warm and everyone else was in school so it wasnt the same as it is in the summer time but it was a relaxing weekend and I had a lot of fun with my family. I plan on going back to Argentina this summer and hope its as much fun as last summer!


Courtney Endres said...

The theme that I see in this snapshot is that she likes to spend a lot of time in Argentina with her dad and little sister. She likes to spend time with her friends from there and also meet new people.

I think you can add more detail to where you talk about the shopping, like how the shops are different from US shops and what types of things you might find in these shops.

xubi said...

maria i thing u neded to add how it looks like the country especailly the citze u was and descirbe more