Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The green city in the sun

Travelling is one of my favorites and its something that helps my soul to be relaxed. Is not only just a fun but its gaining wisdom and becoming more familiar of different kinds of people, cultures, countries, and social networks at any time I travel to a different place. And what I mean by gaining wisdom is that when we meet people who have different way of their lives and point of view we learn new things and with education and that new information is what I call wisdom! As the great Somali poets said, “A man who travels has more wisdom than one who doesn’t.”

I have travel to Niarobi Kenya which is located in east Africa and the country shares a boarder with Somalia. The city is know as the green city in the sun. Nairobi is also the largest capital city in Kenya.

Nairobi has beautiful parks one of them is the Nairobi National Park. The place was very magical field with beauty that would capture the attention and hearts of any human beings. People come here with their families to have fun and relaxation but to me it was my daily routine. I have no other word to tell how important and valuable was for me but only a little piece of paradise in this world. Some times when I am at the mosque and the imam is telling stories relating to heaven I am imagining this place in my mind. Because there is no violence at all, and isn’t that what paradise is going to be? Truly you are just seeing my body beside you but my heart is way back my second home in Nairobi Kenya.


Kara said...

hi Mahmood
i thunk you should write more about Niarobi Kenya.
write more about what you do in there and where you visit to?

Farah Dahir said...

Well done Mohamud. You should talk who u met there and what did you do on your essay.