Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Power of Travelling - Diaolou

The Power of Travelling
I remember that when I was 10 years old, my cousins took to see the Diaolou. In that time I lived with my aunt’s family in Kaiping, China. In the summer holidays, my cousins invited me to visit Diaolou.
Diaolou is a very famous place in Kaiping. Their construction time was between from 1644 to 1912. The idea of the people built Diaolou was some Chinese lived in Europe and they came back to China to build Diaolou. The heyday of Diaolou time, there were about 3000 buildings of Diaolou and now they only have about 1800 left. Diaolou is shaped like a fortress. Some people called it a defensive Tower. It was designed to live and Intrusion Defense bandits needs. Local Diaolou’s architecture was masonry. Masonry is the main material to build Diaolou. The main idea the people built Diaolou were observation and shooting holes and used primarily for self-defense, as well as against the flood of functionality.
The weatherin that day we went to visit Diaolou is very hot. We need to drive about two hours to find Diaolou. Diaolou was not built in one place. I saw a lot of Diaolou when I took the bus in Kaiping. When we find Diaolou we can get in to see the inside and we need to pay about $5 Chinese Dollars. I saw a lot of things the people used in that time. Diaolou was very tall. The lower part of Diaolou was no windows, only the door. In the upper part there are a lot of windows. I think the people in that time they used the windows to see far a way to see do they have dangerous. I took some pictures in Diaolou and the outlook of Diaolou. When I saw Diaolou’s design, I was much admired of the people can build Diaolou that strong. Diaolou let me learn about no matter what things happen, we should listen to other. We can only think about ourselves we need to think about others too. Like Diaolou’s idea was come from the people in Europe and they came back to China and they built the Diaolou.


Lul said...

waw kara its really nice place and also its intreasted place and also when i read i had learned more about this place.
good job kara.

Olivia Golden said...

I really enjoyed you snapshot. Try reviewing once more and editing some sentences but overall fantastic.

Olivia Golden said...

I love the theme you have going.

Mohamud Abdulle said...

I rememeber being in Momobasa at a young age. Thanks for sharing it brought back lots of memories.

jing yu said...

sounds like a very nice place, kaiping is very close my hometown. i will come there next time when i back to China. This is a very good essay, try to write more about what your feel for Diaolou journey, i hope that would help.