Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nairobi Kenya

My favorite place that I had a lot of fun is Kenya, because that was my first traveled, I was happy also all my family were there and when my father told me that we are going to visit Mombasa i was verey happy and Mombasa is second capital of Kenya and is it really nice place. Most of the time we used to live Nairobi and Nairobi is the capital city in Kenya.
Mombasa is beautiful city and it is has too many trees and when we are came there I was so happy and kept asking my parent when we are get there in Kenya. The time I came Mombasa I meet money people from a different country such as Indian, Ethiopian, Europeans, and American, I got some friends from those countries. Mombasa has a nice weather and many beautiful things like zoo farms rives ocean and more places some my family life there still. I learn more languages like Kiswahili


Oleg said...

Your overall theme is coming from Nairobi to Mombasa and how you were excited and really wanting to see everything and all the sights and everything that you were taking in. you need to talk more about a specific moment in that city. You need to give more detail about what you saw there what you did with your family and everything else so we can see that city without being there. You can talk about why you went there and things along those like. The picture fits in really well with your paper, if thats the city then it looks really nice.

xubi said...

Batulo i thing u should describe more and u may nedeed that more pasifc infromation that reader should understand where u coming from.