Monday, January 24, 2011


Traveling on Kenya

I traveled to the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi, about two years ago. I was there a couple of months. If you don’t know Kenya is a country in East Africa. It has the highest mountain peaks in Africa. It is a beautiful country. I visited different places while I was there. The weather is hot mostly. Kenya has been popular for wild animals such as lions, elephants and tigers. It has many different zoos. Each zoo has his different animals then other zoo.

When I was in Kenya, I used to walk around the city and visit relatives. I had many problems with the language of Kenya. The funniest day was the day I went grocery store by my self to get chicken. I couldn’t find the chicken section, so I carried an egg to the cashier. I said excuse me, do you have the mother of this? The cashier laughed and showed me the chicken section. I go back home and I told what happened to me at the grocery store. Everybody was making fun of me. After that day I start learning Kenyan language. It was really easy for me to pronounce it right, but it was not easy to write it down. By the time I was going back to the United States, I knew the magic words.

While I was in Kenya, I met my old friend Ali and his mom who lives in Kenya. They were surprised to see me again. Ali and his mom have been in Kenya a decade. They liked Kenya and decided to stay there. Ali and I went to elementary school in Somalia together. We used to help each other in the school. We haven’t seen each other since elementary. Ali was my best friend of the school. There wasn’t much to do in Kenya. But it was good traveling there.


Courtney Endres said...

The theme of this snapshot was telling a story of your journey in Africa. I found it rather interesting when you could not find the egg section so she carried and egg to the front of the store to find out where the chicken section is at. I also found it interesting that you met up with an old friend that you went to school with.

I think you should go into detail about what you and your old friend did.

Lul said...

waw its really nice that you meet your old friend and his mather

Mohamud Abdulle said...

The egg part was funny bro, i enjoyed reading your post. Some of the wordings need to be reconstructed.