Monday, January 24, 2011

Kakuma the refugee camp

one place that i traveled when i was a young kid is Kakuma, and place is where the Turkan people leave and Turkan is Kenya people but they have different language and also they speak Swahili,too.
In kakuma is the place that you can see too many of trees and also they have a good air and always the weather are same.
when i fist when there i sow Turkan people and they wasn't wearing cloths and i was so surprised because they didn't wear no cloths and kakuma is refuge camp and all refuge people leave there when we are first went there i was so excited i thought it was such beautiful country but when we went there it was so hot and tell turkan people was not wearing no cloth.
Once i went there i felled so sad because those people were ancient people and there's some kids they used come our house and we used give to them food and staff like that that it effected my a positive way to help those people they were hungry.
i meet with Turkan people and they are such a nice people and they always welcome you when they see someone new in the town,and also they always sing when they come to you.I learn about this traveled was the best because i learn so many things and before when i was in Nairobi i used hear about Kakuma and i used think about the day i will visit there and when my mother told me when we are going there i was so excited about it.


ikran suleiman said...

Oh my God i scary the Turkan people lol im just kiding nice place........

maria fabbro said...

The theme in this snapshot is Lul visited Kakuma and its a beautiful coutnry and its very hot there. Lul said he had a fun experience there but it made him sad because there were many hungry kids who didnt have clothes.

I thnk Lul needs to explain a little more on what the people there like to do and why werent they wearing any clothes

jing yu said...

you have a good memory, you remember what is the place look like and the people. i think you should write more about the Kakuma's culture to develop your essay!